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Family name La Filolie

La Filolie, an ancient name from families living in the Middle Age. La Filolie appeared often as name in the Dordogne. Members of the family La Filolie are still living in the Périgord, the ancient name of the department. Some of the hamlets have the name La Filolie in the Périgord. You will even find a Castle La Grande Filolie in Saint Amand de Coly.

The La Filolie terrain belonged to an estate with a castle, a pigion-house, stables and a few farms. Today, on twelve hectares of land,  there is a farm, the Holiday-house, a huge stable with the big ancient stones above the entry doors and a pigion-house (wich can not be absent at an estate in earlier days).
The property is bounded on the South by the forest "Le Forêt de la Bessède", one of the largest forest of France (40km).